As a security guard, the primary job duty may revolve around protecting employer’s property. Security guards or security officers, cam work in a variety of settings such as factories, public buildings, schools, museums, banks, social events and much more. If you’re thinking about hiring a security guard for your settings in Geelong, read more to find out the job duties you can expect from them.

A day-to-day job security of a security guard depends on the location in which he is working. Duties of a security guard also depend on whether is a mobile or stationary guard. A guard positioned at a stationary location monitors cameras, alarms and security systems at a specific patrol area, while a mobile guard spends most of his time on his feet. Security guards often need to respond promptly whenever required and benefit from being physically fit. In addition to this, security guards must often hold unique personality features that make them able to detect and deter crimes very quickly.

In general, a guard would be responsible for upholding safety, enforcing rules and responding to security problems. The primary security job duties of a guard mainly include watching and patrolling areas to guard against illegal activity and dangerous scenarios.