You want everyone to enjoy themselves?
but where there’s a crowd, there’s risk…


Track Security Crowd controllers are an effective way to ensure the smooth running of any event and allows our client’s to sit back, relax and enjoy their special event with the peace of mind that it is in safe hands. Our Crowd Controllers are the first and last point of contact ensuring your event is safe from the moment your guests arrive to the time they leave.

Track security provide fully licenced, experienced, reliable and professionally trained Crowd Controllers. Our guards have the experience and expertise to handle to any situations that may occur.

We will conduct a venue threat assessment, and offer you tips and advice on how to conduct a safe event. Our experienced Crowd Controllers have the people skills, communication skills, are expert in quickly identifying and diffusing potential threats.

To ensure you event is safe, we also conduct the following:
– Guest List​
– Perimeter checks​
– Working with local Police​
– Client requests